Concept, Training, Counselling,
for Fields of Activities:
Self- and Time Management
Leadership Training (behavior and techniques)
Conflict Management (managers and team)
Coaching for managers, general managers and entrepreneurs
Structured development of management systems such as:
Quality Management / ISO 9002
Management by Objectives
Cost- and Efficiency-Calculation
Project Management for developing and repositioning your profit centres
Arrange workshops to realize your strategic goals
Development of roadmen performance and efficiency
Target group oriented development programs
Train the trainer courses for all training measures
Fields of Activities for Sales and Distribution
Sales Management:
Sales manager experience Workshops (figures based)
Sales Men Training:
Need analysis
How to get the sales contract signed off
Self- and time-management
Systematic Sales Control Systems
Sales Management Business Planning
Sales Incentive Systems / Remuneration Systems
Fields od Activities Service and Parts
Service Management
Business management
The efficient service organisation and service process
Service manager experience workshops (figures based)
Parts Management
Warehouse organisation
Parts- and accessory sales
Business management
Parts service manager experience workshops (figures based)
Service Advisor Training
After sales marketing
Customer care and customer retention programs
Core process consulting